Reagent Kit

TANBead is competent in producing a variety of extraction reagent kits which are widely used in DNA/RNA extractions from samples of blood, cell, tissue, plant, bacteria, and virus etc. Our pre-filled reagents provide you a ready-to-use solution that there are in selection of Auto Plate and Auto Tube which fulfills any kind of sample number requirements in your experiments.
  • OptiPure Blood DNA (61E)

    OptiPure Blood DNA (61E)

    - HLA-typing, genomic DNA
    - Fresh blood, frozen blood, or buffy coat
    - 250~300 ul sample volume
    - Enhanced lysis with pretreatment of proteinase K

  • Blood DNA (611-GS)

    Blood DNA (611-GS)

    - HLA-typing, genomic DNA, next-gen sequencing
    - Whole blood, or buffy coat
    - 400 ul sample volume

  • Tissue DNA (612)

    Tissue DNA (612)

    - Genomic DNA
    - Cultured cells and animal tissue
    - No pretreatment required
    - 20-50 mg tissue or 2x106cells

  • Tissue Total DNA (6T2)

    Tissue Total DNA (6T2)

    - Total DNA, HPV screening, enhanced lysis of animal tissues
    - stool nucleic acid isolation
    - 50-100 mg tissues

  • Tissue RNA (6K2)

    Tissue RNA (6K2)

    - RNA expression analysis
    - Shrimp/fish tissue virus
    - Extract tissues and virus nucleic acids
    - No pretreatment required
    - 30-100 mg animal tissue or 2x105 cells

  • FFPE DNA (61P)

    FFPE DNA (61P)

    - Cancer management
    - DNA extraction from 5-60 um thick FFPE tissue sections
    - Pretreatment of mineral oil followed by proteinase K treatment

  • Plant DNA (613)

    Plant DNA (613)

    - Various plant tissues such as plant and fungi tissues
    - 20-50 mg plant and fungi tissues
    - Incubation at RT for 10 mins.
    - Samples with high silicon contents can be pretreated with CTAB buffer

  • Rice DNA (619)

    Rice DNA (619)

    - Specifically developed for genetic diversity of rice
    - 1 grain of rice accessible
    - Integrated pretreatment by physical disruption in the presence of proteinase K

  • Plant RNA (6K3)

    Plant RNA (6K3)

    - RNA from plant tissue, such as Orchid virus detection
    - Extract plant and virus nucleic acids
    - 30-100 mg plant tissue
    - Incubation with lysis buffer at RT for 10 mins

  • Gram Bacteria DNA (61G)

    Gram Bacteria DNA (61G)

    - Enteric microflora analysis/ Food microorganisms
    - Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria
    - 1-4 ml pellet from bacterial culture
    - Incubation with Lysozyme and proteinase K at 60℃ for 20 mins

  • Virus DNA - HBV (615)

    Virus DNA - HBV (615)

    - Specific for HBV
    - 300-600 ul serum
    - Pretreatment of proteinase K at 56℃ for 10 mins

  • Viral RNA (635)

    Viral RNA (635)

    - Enterovirus detection
    - 200-400 ul serum, for most RNA virus
    - Integrated treatment of proteinase K

  • OptiPure Viral Auto Plate/Auto Tube (665)

    OptiPure Viral Auto Plate/Auto Tube (665)

    - HBV, HCV, avian influenza virus detection, and other RNA viruses
    - 300-600 ul serum
    - Integrated treatment of proteinase K

  • OptiPure cfDNA (61C)

    OptiPure cfDNA (61C)

    - cfDNA specificity
    - 1.2 ml plasma, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL)
    - Integrated treatment of proteinase K