Organization Chart

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Member of the board
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Chroma ATE Inc.

Independent director LI SHAU-MEI
Independent director HSIAO CHUN LUNG
Independent director CHENG FONG-YU
Independent director SHEN JIA-RUEI
Board of Directors Diversity Policy Download
Corporate Governance
Company specifications - 
2021                          Corporate Governance Practice Principles                    Downloads
2021                Corporate Social Responsibility              Downloads
2021 Guidance on Principles for Ethical Downloads
2021 Guidance on Corporate Ethical Principles       
and Operating procedures
2021 Corporate Ethical Principles Downloads
2021 2021 Prevent the implementation of insider trading Downloads
2021 Communication between independent directors, internal audit supervisors,
accountants and independence explanation of internal audits
2021 Protective measures for the working environment and personal safety of employees Downloads
2021 Information Security Risk Management Downloads
2021 Human Rights Policy and Management Downloads
2021 The situation of fulfilling social responsibility,
 the differences and reasons from corporate social responsibility of listed companies
2021 Procedures for handling important internal information Downloads
2021 Employee Benefits Downloads

The Audit Committee
The company has established an audit committee (composed of all independent directors) to replace the supervisor since October 19, 2020, actively implements the spirit of corporate governance, and operates in accordance with the company's "audit committee organizational rules".

The Audit Committee -
2021 Audit Committee Organization Rules Downloads
2021 Work focus and operation of the audit committee annual report Downloads


Compensation Committee
The company has established the Salary and Compensation Committee on October 19, 2020, composed of all independent directors, and faithfully operates in accordance with the " Compensation Committee Organization Rules" with the attention of good managers.

Compensation Committee -
2021 Compensation Committee Organization Rules Downloads