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We are introducing new products

We are introducing new models:

1. Maelstrom 4800:
It is a standalone and compact automated nucleic acid extractor; it can process 48 samples (on three 96-well deep well plates, 16 samples each plate) at the same time.

2. Maelstrom 9600LH:
It is designed to work with liquid handling workstation. It can process 96 samples per run, and the extracted nucleic acid can be directly analyzed by qPCR assay on liquid handling workstation.

3. Maelstrom 2400:
1071023-台灣圓點-Maelstrom 2400-1

It is also a standalone automated nucleic acid extraction. The major advantage is the large processing volume it can handle. With 24-well deep well plate, it can process solution with volume up to 10 ml.