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New Member Onboard! Maelstrom Switch 8 is Ready to Offer!

Do you constantly have problems extracting nucleic acid from different samples? Specifically, when the sample input volume varies from 50µl to 6ml but the current extraction device you have can only process less than 300µl?

Don’t worry, TANBead heard your voice!

TANBead new released the Maelstrom Switch 8, the first-ever flexible design in our series. With Maelstrom Switch 8, you can:

  • 50µl-9mL proccessing volume.
  • work with large to small volumes by installing different gear box
  • user friendly UI
  • control the workflow efficiently.

With Maelstrom Switch 8, we will optimize your cross-channel research needs and minimize the risks of cross-contamination!

Want do know more? Let’s spill the beans and find out Switch 8’s secret recipe in our coming up posts!

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