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Taiwan Advanced Nanotech - Spreading Love with Huashan in Dragon Boat Festival

Caring for our elders requires collaborative efforts between you and me.

On the day of the event, the kindergarten children performed a wonderful opening dance, and the Chairman of TANBead, , also participated in the "Handmade Dragon Boat" activity, using creative color paper to decorate the scales of the dragon boat, filling the dragon boat with love and lively hearts; and arranged the fun competition.

TANBead has been supporting the dependent, mentally retarded and disabled elders and fundraising with love, and this year, it also sponsored the $100,000 Dragon-Boat-Festival Gift, and the company's staff responded enthusiastically by subscribing to the gift packs.

Caring for our elders all together!

We hope that everyone will join us in spreading love and warmth to all corners of Taiwan.

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