Ultra Small Super-Paramagnetic Ionic Oxide (USPIO)

TANBead® USPIO-series are well-dispersed Fe 3 O 4 nanoparticles with small diameter of 6~10 nm. Nanoscale magnetic particles synthesized with amino and carboxyl functional groups, and dissolved in Ethanol/Isopropanol/ N-Hexane. TANBead provides different functional magnetic beads, which can be used for a variety of applications.
Product Surface Size (nm) Solvent Concentraction Unit
USPIO-101 -NH2 6~10 H2O 10mg/ml 10ml
USPIO-102 -COOH 6~10 H2O 10mg/ml 10ml
USPIO-C4 -aliphatic(C4) 6~10 acetone 10mg/ml 10ml
USPIO-C8 -aliphatic(C8) 6~10 isopropanol 10mg/ml 10ml
USPIO-C18 -aliphatic(C18) 6~10 hexane 10mg/ml 10ml