Maelstrom 9600LH

•Patented design for unique whirl stir mixing approach
•Integrable with liquid handling workstation
•Enhance productivity of liquid handling workstation
•Higher mixing efficiency compared to pipetting
•Prevent clogging of sticky samples
Maelstrom 9600LH is well-proportioned designed for easy integration into liquid handling workstations. Specialized spin tips enable superb mixing efficiency of magnetic beads and larger processing volume. Controlled turbulent flow prevents the risk of aerosol-related cross-contamination.
Item Name Throughput Specifications
Maelstrom 9600 LH 1-96 samples per run Model: Maelstrom 9600 LH
Power supply: 120-240 Vac
Processing volume: 50ul - 1600ul
Spin speed: up to 3000 rpm
Magnetic rod: 3500 gauss