Reagent Kit

TANBead is competent in producing a variety of extraction reagent kits which are widely used in DNA/RNA extractions from samples of blood, cell, tissue, plant, bacteria, and virus etc. Our pre-filled reagents provide you a ready-to-use solution that there are in selection of Auto Plate and Auto Tube which fulfills any kind of sample number requirements in your experiments.
  • Tissue DNA (612)

    Tissue DNA (612)

    - Genomic DNA
    - Cultured cells and animal tissue
    - No pretreatment required
    - 20-50 mg tissue or 2x106cells

  • Tissue Total DNA (6T2)

    Tissue Total DNA (6T2)

    - Total DNA, HPV screening, enhanced lysis of animal tissues
    - stool nucleic acid isolation
    - 50-100 mg tissues