Ultra Small Super-Paramagnetic Ionic Oxide (USPIO)

TANBead® USPIO-series are well-dispersed Fe3O4 nanoparticles with small diameter of 6~10 nm. Nanoscale magnetic particles synthesized with amino and carboxyl functional groups, and dissolved in Ethanol/Isopropanol/ N-Hexane. Without polymers coating, USPIO-series exhibited excellent biocompatibility and hydrophilic property in aqueous solution. TANBead provides different functional magnetic beads, and user can easily conjugate with protein, enzyme, oligonucleotide and antibody in biological applications.
Product Surface Size (nm) Solvent Concentraction Unit
USPIO-101 -NH2 6~10 H2O 10mg/ml 10ml
USPIO-102 -COOH 6~10 H2O 10mg/ml 10ml
USPIO-C4 -aliphatic(C4) 6~10 acetone 10mg/ml 10ml
USPIO-C8 -aliphatic(C8) 6~10 isopropanol 10mg/ml 10ml
USPIO-C18 -aliphatic(C18) 6~10 hexane 10mg/ml 10ml
USPIO-NTA -NTA(metal ion) 6~10 H2O 32mg/ml 10ml