Corporate Social Respinsibility | TANBead

Implementing ESG, Embracing Sustainability

Chairman's Message

On the journey of running a company, there are many people to be grateful for—our dedicated colleagues, the collaboration among partners, and our customers who believe in TANBead's integrity, quality, and efficiency. As we progress steadily, we keep a constant focus on what we possess through various ESG standards, guiding the company towards a better direction, aiding in environmental sustainability, addressing social responsibilities, and creating a friendly workplace. This ensures that stakeholders are reasonably cared for, fostering the company's continuous development as sustainable operations remain our commitment and responsibility.

【Creating a Friendly Workplace Environment】

Flexible Work Hours、 AI Facial Temperature Clock-In System、 New Working Environment、 Accessible Spaces and Restrooms、 Dining Benefits、 Free Shuttle Service、 Parking Subsidies、 Quarterly Team Dinner Subsidies、 Holiday Bonuses. Additionally, initiatives such as an office art corridor, office greening, workplace equality, lactation rooms, and continuous optimization of company workflows are in place.

【Employee Safety and Health Focus】

Offering annual health check-ups, regular care from occupational nurses, workplace safety and health education training courses, and employee assistance programs.

【Talent Development】

The company places great importance on developing and enhancing talents from various backgrounds, offering a comprehensive range of opportunities such as internal and external training programs, internships, and job rotations to cultivate talent within the company.

【Caring for Social Issues】

Engaging in activities supporting vulnerable groups, donating ambulances, assisting rural schools with supplies and educational support, contributing to epidemic prevention materials, and participating in volunteer activities—all reflect Taiwan Dot's commitment to social responsibility.

【Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Measures】

Implementing concrete actions to care for nature through activities such as avoiding single-use utensils, waste sorting in offices, water and electricity conservation, carbon footprint assessment, and tracking initiatives.

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