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2024 New product Launch News

2024 New product Launch News

【BREAKING NEWS】A mysterious product is about to make waves in 2024 ! 🎊

This time, please allow me to be discreet because the editor is genuinely surprised. A brand-new product is hitting the market and we are ready !

【Enhancing all advantages, elevating details to the next level】

🥇 Patented Maelstrom Whirl-Spin Stirring Technology, refining details while preserving TANBEAD's original patented technology.

🥇 Highly compatible with reagents from various brands on the market, providing users with greater flexibility.

🥇 A 3.5mm large magnetic rod increases the magnetic surface area, ensuring strong adhesion and reducing magnetic attraction time.

🥇 Reinforced magnetic rod structure, eliminating concerns about potential brittleness.

📣The new declaration of TANBEAD:

"Powerful adsorption, beyond imagination.“



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