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Maelstrom Sorter: A New Choice for Automated Cell Sorting Equipment

A whole new automated device was developed especially for cell preparation and cell therapy markets

In view of the rapid development of the cell therapy market and in accordance with Precedence Research, the Cell Therapy Market is estimated to grow up at an average annual compound growth rate of 21.72%, and the market is expected to reach US$60 billion in 2023. The T-cell therapy currently still be the major therapy in 2023, and NK-cell therapy is also growing. One of the key processes in the cell therapy process is "Cell Preparation". According to the cell sorting market, the average annual compound growth rate is 13.84%, and the market is estimated to reach US$35 billion in 2032.

Based on this, TANBead has observed the market demand for automated development of cell therapy, and in order to enhance the capacity and quality of cell therapy concerning R&D and process, we have put all our efforts to develop high efficient nano-immuno-magnetic beads which bonded to antibody or protein, and to use its exclusive spinning technology to drive the cellular specimen.

Has applied for Patent in the U.S. to seize the patent opportunity.

TANBead has successfully integrated and established a one-stop technology platform for multi-flux cell sorting combined with rapid extraction applications, equipped with a horizontal spinning switching dual gear box corresponding to dual temperature-controlled slotted plates, which is a new design of automated instruments suitable for cell sorting applications, and has filed a U.S. Provisional Invention Patent Application (No. 63 / 524,398) in June 2023, which is entitled to a patent priority according to the terms of the patent contract. We are planning to launch a new concept model, Maelstrom Sorter (M-SORTER ), for cell preparation combining with multi-sample extraction and purification of antibodies. The target market is the research and industrial fields related to cellular therapy to introduce a more convenient, multi-functional technology integration platform of various immuno-proteins magnetic beads reagents with automated cell sorting extraction instruments. It will bring the automatic sorting and extraction with high efficiency.

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