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TANBead is the Strongest Anti-epidemic Supporter of the Country!

As the leading manufacturer of nucleic acid extraction in Taiwan, TANBead has always been willing to selflessly donates its own extraction kits and instruments to the national team when the country is facing the threat of epidemics, and has spared no effort in preventing the spread of the epidemic in the country.

Since providing COVID-19 nucleic acid extraction for 128 people on the cruise Aquarius Star in 2020, the company has been a contributor to the national epidemic prevention team. At the time of the rising epidemic, the company donated 11,000 COVID-19 rapid tests and 3,500 COVID-19 rapid tests to the New Taipei City Police and Taoyuan City Fire Department, which were at the front line of the epidemic prevention. We have also supported the Tainan City Government to conduct COVID-19 extraction testing, and recently, we have teamed up to fight against the Dengue Fever by donating 3 automated nucleic acid extraction instruments and 30 nucleic acid extraction kits, which is a new chapter in the collaboration between the government and industry to prevent epidemics.

Over the past years, our company has been committed to providing automated nucleic acid extraction instruments and extraction kits. In addition to meeting the diverse needs of our customers and strengthening the application of nucleic acid extraction in various fields, we have also dedicated ourselves to participating in the prevention of national and social epidemics, and our selfless dedication to the country is well known to all and is evident to all. It is a great honor for us to be called " The Strongest Anti-epidemic Supporter " in Taiwan!

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