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HPV DNA Extraction, 61H series
Automated Magnetic Bead Extraction Technology
The TANBead HPV DNA Extraction Reagent Kit provides a rapid, high-quality automated nucleic acid extraction solution, which is suitable for various types of samples. The extracted HPV DNA product with high purity and low interfering substances can be used for PCR/ qPCR, which is helpful to determine the HPV type as high-risk or low-risk.
Product Feature
  • Simple pre-procesiing of highly viscous samples.
  • Rapid and automated nucleic acid extraction with a choice of different throughputs.
  • Can be directly applied to downstream detection assays.
Product Introduction

TANBead HPV DNA kit (61H series)

"This TANBead Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (61H series products with HPV DNA Auto Tube/ Plate) utilizes the nano-magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction system, together with the exclusive patented whirl stir-mixing automated nucleic acid extraction benchtop instrument, which can automatically extract HPV DNA in the specimens. The high-quality HPV DNA product is applicable to subsequent HPV typing and diagnosis, which can be used for medical diagnosis or scientific research. 

Since 2004, TANBead has been committed to the design, research and development of innovative medical devices, providing a series of automated nucleic acid extraction benchtop instruments and reagent kit products for In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD). TANBead strictly abides by the quality system specifications, and provides customers with highly stable and efficient nucleic acid extraction solutions that can meet their highest requirements for the quality of extracted nucleic acid products.

Sample Type


Liquid-Based Cytology

Product Information

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TANBead HPV DNA Auto Plate



301645(IVD) / 301429(RUO)

TANBead HPV DNA Auto Tube



301646(IVD) / 301430(RUO)

TANBead HPV DNA Auto Plate



301589(IVD) / 301431(RUO)

TANBead HPV DNA Auto Tube



301590(IVD) / 301432 (RUO)

TANBead HPV DNA Auto Plate



301591(IVD) / 301433(RUO)

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