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It is the responsibility of every employee to report any illegal conduct. If the company personnel violates the company's "Code of Integrity Management", you can report the incident to the company's audit office through e-mail.
In order to implement the Code of Ethical Conduct and the Code of Integrity Management formulated by the company, and to ensure the legitimacy of the internal and external whistleblowing channels and management systems of the organization, please refer to the operating procedures of the company's whistleblowing system for relevant processing procedures.

Unit and responsible person

Contact Information

Unit Contact Information

Spokesman :  Raman. Chien (General manager)

Deputy Spokesperson :  Phill. Chang (Finance Manager)

Employee Care/Appeal

Business, Procurement, Customer complaint Contact

Report email

Stock Transfer Agency Transfer Agency Department, Yuanta Securities

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  • Address

    Address:B1., No. 210, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City.

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2021 · 02 · 23

Stockholders' concerns, communication channels and response methods

2021 · 02 · 23

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