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Explore the Infinite Possibilities of Extraction by Automation- Maelstrom Switch 8, the Transformer in Nucleic Acid Extraction

A cutting-edge innovation for the new generation

Maelstrom Switch 8 is a multifunctional nucleic acid extractor with the key features of flexibility, wide adaptability, and easy-to-operate. The concept is based on the advantages of the portable Maelstrom 8, which meets the requirements of small throughput for the research market. The simple and dexterous appearance, the impact size, and the recognizable burgundy color make it the most eye-catching product in the nucleic acid extraction automation market.

With the elastic design of the replaceable gearbox, it can be matched with different throughputs and sample volumes, providing unparalleled flexibility and performance. Maelstrom Switch 8 integrates TANBead patented technology to improve the mixing efficiency of magnetic beads and samples, providing the agility of a changeable gearbox module, which becomes the most competitive nucleic acid extractor in the market.

Combined with the changeable gearboxes and high-stability reagents, Maelstrom Switch 8 can handle samples of different volumes and throughput. Furthermore, it takes only one-fifteenth of the operation time compared to a traditional manual extraction and can provide more accurate and reproducible data.

Maelstrom Switch 8 is getting the precision medicine market in gear

The precision medicine market is predicted to reach US$150 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 7.2% (the IVD market accounts for 18% while the RUO market accounts for 43%). TANBead has cultivated the clinical diagnosis (IVD) market and is ready to enter the research unit (RUO) market when it comes to the post-epidemic era. Portable, easy to operate, equipped with changeable gearboxes for different throughputs and the affordable price makes Maelstrom Switch 8 the irreplaceable force in the soon future.

TANBead plans to carry out the research project, alter the extraction ways of traditional research and create demand through automated instruments with reagent kits in Taiwan. Meanwhile, TANBead also plans to expand the RUO market through e-commerce in North America, focusing on the compatibility of the instrument with different brands of reagents and consumables, and in addition, looking forward to cooperating with other players to achieve a win-win.

The pioneer of automated solutions for cell sorting

Maelstrom Switch 8 has an automatic cell sorting function, which keeps the sorted cells highly active and can be applied to the purification of macromolecular proteins and antibodies. It can not only meet the needs of scientific research but seizes greater business opportunities for cell therapy consumables and automated instruments. Overall, the Maelstrom Switch 8 represents a comprehensive and advanced solution that can satisfy the needs of research and clinical markets.

The key features of Maelstrom Switch 8:

1. The changeable gearbox module can be freely replaced to meet different throughput requirements. The small volumes (0.05‒1.20 mL) can run 1‒16 tests and the large volumes (0.1‒9.0 mL) can run 1–4 tests/ time.

2. The foolproof design lessens human errors, and the automation reduces labor costs and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

3. Small in size (524(W) x 265(D) x 412(H) mm) and light in weight (16.5 kg), which is portable in many places.

4. Can add user-defined or customized extraction protocols in addition to its original protocols.

5. Up to 16 different kinds of cells can be sorted at the same time to ensure high efficiency of cell survival.

6. Supports scanning and inputting for sample barcodes and has a USB output.

7. Components comply with the RoHS standard, and the main components are modularized.

The Maelstrom Switch 8 usage scenarios:

1. Clients can use a small sample for extraction and test up to 16 different conditions and move to large-volume extraction once the conditions are determined. This gives clients the opportunity to cover more conditions in one single test while reducing the sample size and consumption.

2. Maelstrom Switch 8 is compatible with other brands of extraction reagent kits containing magnetic beads that can be used directly on the machine.

3. Maelstrom Switch 8 has the ability to automate cell sorting and realize personalized medicine.

4. After the sample extraction is completed, the potential application of directly performing the chromogenic reaction of the detection target and quantitative analysis.

Combining the above features and usage scenarios, Maelstrom Switch 8 becomes a superior nucleic acid extractor, which can meet different needs while improving efficiency and reducing cross-contamination.

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