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Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Awarded Excellence in Innovation Technology at the 2023 Taipei Biotech Awards

Leading player in the molecular diagnostics industry, Taiwan Advanced Nanotech (TWSE: 6797), has been honored with the "Excellence in Innovation Technology Award" at the 2023 Taipei Biotech Awards. The award was presented by Taipei City Mayor, Jiang Wan-an, to Chairman Abby Chang, recognizing the company's contributions to innovative technology in the Taiwan biotech industry and its outstanding performance in the global market.

Taiwan Advanced Nanotech received this prestigious award for its automated nucleic acid extraction/cell sorting instrument, the "Maelstrom Switch 8." This innovative machine features a user-friendly touch screen interface, transforming manual extraction/sorting processes into automated ones, thereby enhancing stability and operational efficiency. Its compact design allows for easy placement in various laboratory settings worldwide.

The Maelstrom Switch 8 can simultaneously sort four types of cell samples, offering flexibility to users while ensuring high cell viability.

It has obtained certification as a Class I IVD medical device under health and welfare regulations. Additionally, the operation time is only 1/15th of traditional methods, providing more precise, stable, and reproducible data.

Chairman Abby Chang of Taiwan Advanced Nanotech expressed her gratitude, stating, "Receiving the 2023 Taipei Biotech Award is a recognition to our team's relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, as well as achievement of our company's products. We will continue to strive to offer the global scientific community more innovative biotechnologies, furthering the progress of life science research."

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