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Adapting Pace, Striding Forward with Confidence

Amidst the global habit shift caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, TANBead has demonstrated remarkable resilience, instilling trust in stakeholders. However, post-pandemic demands challenge revenue, leading to a comprehensive cost adjustment plan involving workforce reduction and project adjustments.


In FY 2024, TANBead focuses on market expansion. Our flagship instrument aims to offer applications in cell isolation, antibody purification, and recombinant protein purification, addressing diverse needs in versatile biomolecule extraction. The upcoming launch of instruments with large magnetic rod gearboxes enhances versatility and openness, broadening collaboration possibilities.

TANBead's commitment to continuous improvement goes beyond one-time cost adjustments. We're constantly adapting to challenges, demonstrating our resilience and dedication to achieving long-term success. Through a strategic combination of open-sourcing and streamlining operations, we're optimizing our approach to ensure profitability for the next two decades.

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