Maelstrom 8 Autostage

•Fully automated with specialized mixing approach
•Handles up to 8 samples per run
•Light and easy to move with size in 31 x 19 x 31 cm
•Temperature controllable from room temperature up to 70°C
•Programmable with Mixing, Collection, Pause and Vapor Modes
•All parameters are adjustable in each modes:
(Time, Mode, Speed, Working Well, Working volume, Temperature.)
•Programmable with up to 40 steps in one program
•Program storable up to 50 programs
Maelstrom 8-channel Handler, the world's first portable magnetic beads handling device, is designed bring productivity to the laboratory. Equipped with specialized spin tips and 2500 gauss magnetic rods, Maelstrom 8 can mix and collect magnetic beads efficiently. The intuitive user interface and simple operation can help you accomplish various applications of magnetic beads. further, combination with automated stand provides a walk-away solution for nucleic acid extraction.
Item Name Throughput Specifications
Maelstrom 8 Autostage 1-8 samples per run Model: M8-H
Weight: 600 g
Volume: 32.7 x 11.2 x 6.3 cm
Power: 5 V, 2 A
Battery: 3.7 V, 2850 mAh
Processing volume: 50 μl - 1500 μl
Spin speed: 500~3000 rpm
Magnetic rod: 2500 gauss
LCD Resolution: 2.4", 240x320 pixel
Product Downloads
  • Brochure: Maelstrom 8 Autostage