Blood RNA (621)

Catalog Number | 621
- Total RNA
- Frozen Blood
- 200 ul sample volume
Product Product Description
#621 is developed for Total RNA extraction of TANBead reagent family.

How It Works

The fresh blood specimens are mixed with Lysis Buffer and incubated at RT for 10 minutes.  Acidic phenol and BCP are applied and mixed into specimens sequentially. Next to centrifuge the specimens and collect the upper aqueous phase as samples, then mix with IPA. Final step is to usa TANBead Automated Nucliec Acid Extractors(Maelstorm series) to process and extract nueclic acid. During the process, the silicon dioxide layer coated to the magnetic beads adsorbs and purifies nucleic acids from the samples. When the program ends, collect the purified nucleic acid in a clean tube.

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Product Product Specificaiton



Sample type

Fresh whole blood

Purified nucleic acid


Sample amount

200μl fresh whole blood

Processing time

30-40 minutes

Typical yield


Product Downloads
  • Brochure: Reagent Kits Ver.6

  • TANBead Blood RNA Extraction kit