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TANbead Earns Silver Prize at 2023 National Medicine Research and Development Awards

Taiwan Advanced Nanotech (TWSE: 6797, abbreviated as TANbead), a pioneer in the Molecular Diagnostics industry, showcased the cutting-edge technologies at Medica 2023 in Germany, held from November 13th to 16th. Our exhibit featured magnetic bead-based automation purification and extraction devices with varying throughput capabilities—low, medium, and high—receiving commendable feedback in the realms of molecular diagnostics and scientific research.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that TANbead has been honored with the Silver Prize at the 2023 National Medicine Research and Development Awards. This recognition highlights our dedication to R&D excellence, and we sincerely appreciate the validation from the esteemed committee.

Especially noteworthy is our latest release, Maelstrom Switch 8, not only received significant attention at Medica 2023 but also secured the Silver Prize at the 2023 National Medicine Research and Development Awards. Maelstrom Switch 8 is personalized magnetic bead-based automation purification instrument. It is equipped with various gearboxes designed for different sample sizes and quantities, making it compatible with a range of commercial kits. This versatile instrument meets diverse needs, including nucleic acid extraction, protein purification, and cell isolation.

Chairman Abby Chang of TANbead mentioned that TANbead also has a comprehensive filling line system to assist customers in setting up their own reagent production line. This system includes efficiency assessment, filling line construction, and technical support services. The relevant products are certified by several international accreditations, including IVD of Taiwan FDA, GMP/QMS, ISO13485, and CE-IVD, among others. We always continue to strive to offer the global scientific community more innovative biotechnologies, furthering the progress of life science research.

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